C code for the Simulation Program
used in "Computational Studies"

This is the C source code for the simulation program written by Peter Meyer for his M.Phil. research on Computational Studies of Pure and Dilute Spin Models. This is a study of Monte Carlo simulations of ferromagnetic material using Ising and Potts spin models to ascertain selected properties of such material. Below are links to the full C source code for this program. This source code can be compiled to an executable program, which can take the input values shown at The Simulation Program and produce results such as are shown at Summary of Results.

Here are links to the C source files, followed by link to the six header files.

C Files
ALLOC.C Allocation of memory for arrays
AUTOCORR.C Functions for calculating autocorrelation
BONDS.C Function to open bonds
CHAR_AUX.C Auxiliary string functions
CLUSTERS.C Cluster trace functions
CORLEN.C Functions for calculating correlation lengths.
CRITTEMP.C Get or set critical temperature
DIRTABLE.C Directory tables
DISP_LAT.C Display lattice
DSTARTUP.C Displays startup info
EQUIL.C Functions concerned with equilibration
ERRMSG.C Error messages
FILE_IO.C File input/output functions
INITSPIN.C Functions for initialization of spins
ISM.C Main module
MEAS.C Functions concerned with measuring quantities
PERC.C Determination of percolation thresholds
PERC_RES.C Percolation results
PRECOMP.C Precomputes nearest neighbour sites
Q&A.C Questions and answers
QUEUE.C Queue functions
RAN2.C Random number functions
READ.C Functions mainly concerned with data input
S&B.C Sites and bonds
SETPARAM.C Set parameters for the simulation
SINGLE.C Equilibration using single spin flip
SPINFLIP.C Functions concerned with spin flips
SPINS.C Functions concerned with spins
STACK.C Stack functions
SW-WANG.C Equilibration using Swendsen-Wang technique
TEXTOUT.C Functions for text output
TRANSIT.C Function to calculate transition probabilities
TS_VALS.C Timeslice values
WOLFF.C Wolff cluster algorithm

Header Files
FLAGS.H Flags for model
ISS.H Main header file
ISS_DEF.H #defines
ISS_FUNC.H Function declarations
ISS_VAR.H Variable declarations and initializations
STRUCTS.H structs used

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